Titan Exhaust Air Jack is designed to lift a vehicle by its own exhaust gas. It works in a very simple but creative way. Simply place the flattened air bag beneath the vehicle and connect the hose to the vehicle¡¯s exhaust pipe. Vehicle's exhaust gas inflates the air bag and raises the vehicle. After the vehicle being lifted to a desired height, you can turn off the engine. The one-way back valve will keep the air bag inflated and hold the vehicle up for hours, and can deflate slowly or as fast as 5 seconds!


Titan Exhaust Air Jack can be used for a wide variety of off-road vehicle recovery tasks when vehicles get stuck in mud, sand, or snow. It is especially useful for those off-road driving fans or 4WD club members to extract their vehicles from ditches or gullies. It is also an ideal solution in many special situations such as lifting heavy and awkward objects, pushing heavy objects, stabilizing cargos in the back trunk, etc. With a Titan Exhaust Air Jack, struggling to get a conventional jack out of the car with all its parts and crawling on the ground trying to correctly position it under the vehicle is now a thing of the past. The Titan Exhaust Air Jack can cut the tire changing time down to a third!


Titan Exhaust Air Jack is made from a woven polyester material coated with PVC. The strong material makes lifting your vehicle on any type of uneven surface simple. Double-layered coating on the top and bottom of the Air Jack provide further protection from unseen jagged or sharp edges or debris.



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The Titan Exhaust Air Jack is perfect for...

  • Changing or rotating tires
  • Vehicle recovery from mud, sand or snow
  • Lifting any heavy, awkward objects
  • Applying tire chains
  • Lifting trailers
  • Lifting boat trailers
  • Stabilizing cargo in a trailer

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